Gouache Paint 100g

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Gouache Paint 100g

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Gouache Paint 100g
Artist’s Quality Gouache paints 100g Jars
Colours available :
Black 793 | White 102 | Lemon Yellow 215 | Orange Yellow 301 | Burnt Sienna 684 | Iridescent Gold 132 | Sap Green 568 | Viridian 560 | Cerulean Blue 455 | Ultramarine 443 | Dioxazine Violet 439 | Rose 336 |

These brilliant opaque colors offer an even flow & exceptional tinting strength, which give a matte finish.
Gouache (opaque watercolor) has only transparent binders (usually gum arabic), and sometimes added inert material like chalk. Gouache unlike acrylic paint may be reworked because the paint film is not permanent until sealed. Gouache may be used with liquid friskets and along the same range of techniques as used with transparent watercolors. Made with the finest pigments in high concentration to yield rich and brilliant results. This makes gouache heavier and more opaque, with greater reflective qualities.
Gouache generally dries to a different value than it appears when wet (lighter tones generally dry darker, while darker tones tend to dry lighter and gives the artwork it’s unique slightly velvety look), wet the whole working area to match colors when reworking or over multiple painting sessions. Its quick coverage and total hiding power mean that gouache lends itself to more direct painting techniques than watercolor. A little goes a long way if you want it to be as transparent as watercolors.
There are a number of acrylic mediums in both gloss and matt variations which could be used with Designers Gouache. However, we would recommend experimenting with your chosen medium and colour before committing to a painting. If you wish to maintain the characteristics of gouache paint, keep the addition of the medium to a minimum. If you add too large a proportion of medium this will result in a ‘plastic’ look to the color.
All colors are light fast.

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